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List of Environment Variables

Felhasználói környezeti változók
Windows XPWindows Vista / Windows 7
{username} Username Username
{userprofile}c:\Documents and Settings\{username} c:\Users\{username}
{userdocs} {userprofile}\Documents {userprofile}\Documents
{userdesktop} {userprofile}\Desktop {userprofile}Desktop
{userappdata}{userprofile}\Application Data{userprofile}\AppData\Roaming
{userstartmenu}{userprofile}\Start Menu{userappdata}\Microsoft\Windows\Start menu
{userstartup} {userprograms}\Startup {userprograms}\Startup
{usertemplates} {userprofile}\Templates{userappdata}\Microsoft\Windows\Templates
{userfavorites} {userprofile}\Favorites {userprofile}\Favorites
{localappdata}{userprofile}\Local Settings\Application Data{userprofile}AppData\Local

Megosztott felhasználói környezeti változók

Windows XPWindows Vista / Windows 7
{allusersprofile}c:\Documents and Settings\All Usersc:\ProgramData
{allusersdocs} {allusersprofile}\Documents c:\Users\Public\Public Documents
{allusersdesktop} {allusersprofile}\Desktop c:\Users\Public\Public Desktop
{allusersappdata}{allusersprofile}\Application Data{allusersprofile}
{allusersstartmenu}{alluserprofile}\Start Menu{allusersprofile}\Microsoft\Windows\Start menu
{allusersstartup} {allusersprograms}\Startup {allusersprograms}\Startup
{alluserstemplates} {allusersprofile}\Templates{allusersprofile}\Microsoft\Windows\Templates
{allusersfavorites}{allusersprofile}\Favorites {userprofile}\Favorites

Operációs rendszer környezeti változói

Windows XPWindows Vista / Windows 7
{tmp}{userprofile}\Local Settings\Temp{userprofile}\AppData\Local\Temp
{pf}{sd}\Program Files{sd}\Program Files
{cf}{pf}\Common Files{pf}\Common Files
{computername} Computer Name Computer Name

Dinamikus környezeti változók

Windows XP, Windows Vista / Windows 7
{default} Default Extraction Folder
{src} Source Folder of Archive
{srcexe} Source of Application Executable
{date:<format_string>} Date and Time in <format_string> style
{date:<yyyy.mm.dd.>} eg. Date in 2008.01.01. style
{date:<hh.nn>} eg. Time in 12.35 style

Using Environment Variables

It is simple to reach OS user and system folders using environment variables. You can use them wherever you use file or folder names.

You can use environment variables both in SFXWizard and in ExtractWizard.

Let’s take an example!

Company notebooks are changed to new ones so you want to move all the user documents (docs and xls-s) to the new machines.

This operation can be carried out easily with SFXWizard

  • Use {userdocs} environment variable when selecting files to be compressed
  • Also use {userdocs} variable when defining extraction location
  • Save these compression settings
  • Start SFXWizard and carry out compression with the saved settings
  • Open the newly created archive on the new machines with ExtractWizard and after a few clicks all the compressed files will be extracted to the folders determined by {userdocs} environment variable.
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