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Version: 04/12/2012
Size: 3 435 176 Bytes
SFXWizard Software, LLC
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Files to Extract

  • List of files to extract
    • on the left side you can see the directory of the files included in the archive after extraction
    • on the right side you can see the files included in the selected folder
  • Modify list of files to extract
    • check which files you want to be extracted
      • All files
      • Selected file(s)
        • files selected on the right side
      • Selected folder
        • files included in the folder selected on the left side
      • Subfolders also
        • all the files and subfolders included in the folder selected on the left side
  • Overwrite existing files
    • check how existing files should be overwritten
      • Overwrite
        • automatically overwrite all existing files
      • Ask
        • Dialogue box notification before overwriting existing files
      • Refresh
        • automatically overwrite existing files with older date
      • Skip
        • already existing files will not be extracted

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