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Version: 04/12/2012
Size: 3 435 176 Bytes
SFXWizard Software, LLC
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  • Archive data
    • you can view the data of the compressed file(s)
      • number of files compressed
      • size of files before and after compression
      • compression rate
      • time elapsed
    • Size of SFX module contains in case of an exe file
      • ExtractWizard
      • language files
      • images
      • values set for extraction (eg extraction folders data)
    • Size of SFX module does not contain in case of sfx and zipsfx files
      • language files
      • ExtractWizard
  • List of compressed files
    • you can check whether all selected files had been compressed
  • Error List
    • you can view error messages generated during compression. These might result from authorization problems for example. You cannot see this list in the sample image because during the demo compression no errors have occurred.
  • You can run or test the complete archive or you can send it via e-mail as an attachment. SFXWizard will create a zip automatically from an exe in case of attaching to e-mail as most e-mail clients do not support exe-s as an attechment.

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