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Version: 04/12/2012
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Project Data

  • File type
    • SFXWizard is able to create 9 types of archives. Set the desired type by clicking one of the radio buttons.
      • exe
        • self-extracting archive
        • no need for third party application to extract
        • contains ExtractWizard functions
        • sfx format is used for compression
      • sfx
        • new type of archive
        • contains file extraction locations and default extraction folder beside compressed files
        • effective compression (up to 30-40% smaller compressed file result than some competitors)
      • zipsfx
        • special zip format
        • contains all the extra information set in sfx format accessible in ExtractWizard
        • traditional extractors will recognize zipsfx as zip
      • zip
        • one of the most wide-spread archive format
        • with SFXWizard you can compress several folders into zip simultaneously
      • cab, bh, jar, lha, tar, tar.gz
        • SFXWizard supports these archive formats too

Certain settings parameters are dependent on the file type selected. Complete settings parameters are accessible when creating exe.

  • Folder Structure
    • pick the storage method of the folder structure of the files to be compressed
  • Compressing method
    • you can set the efficiency of the compression
  • Save Location of Archive
    • set the folder where the compressed file should be saved
    • pick from the dropdown menu (click Browse or simply type the path)
    • you can use environment variables too
  • Name of Archive
    • type the name of the compressed file without extension. Extension will be defined according to previous settings.
  • Volume Size
    • pick the maximum size of files to be compressed from the dropdown menu
  • Password
    • you can password-protect your archives against unauthorized use
  • Settings
    • integrate SFXWizard into Windows OS

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