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Version: 04/12/2012
Size: 3 435 176 Bytes
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SFX Archive Data*

  • Utility
    • rename ExtractWizard in case of exe, sfx or zipsfx
  • SFXWizard Project Name
    •  file name of exe, sfx or zipsfxc appearing on the opening screen of ExtractWizard right after opening the archive
  • About URL
    • type the URL to be opened when clicking About in ExtractWizard
  • Opening and Closing Image
    • you can customize the graphic appearance of exe, sfx or zipsfx. This will change the opening and closing images of ExtractWizard.
    • file format must be BMP
    • file size must be 497x58 px
  • Icon
    • set the icon of the self-extracting exe

*this option is available for exe, sfx and zipsfx. Settings will work in the registered versions only

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