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Version: 04/12/2012
Size: 3 435 176 Bytes
SFXWizard Software, LLC
E-mail: info(a)sfxwizard.com
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SFXWizard General Information

Our goal was to write a program of simple and easy management and a transparent user interface being able to deal with any kind of compression tasks supporting the creation of so called SelF-eXtracting Archive files along with other wide-spread archive types.

We realized that notable deficiencies of the known compressing utilities beside not having a complex multilingual user interface are that they are also incapable of sorting files into different folders. Users can usually extract the whole set of compressed files into a predefined (usually Temp) folder. Most compressors instead of supporting multilevel compressing tasks only allow you to add one folder or file.


  • Simple, easy-to-use and multilingual user interface*.
  • Self-eXtracting Archive files support having complex, multilingual user interface
  • Effective compression. You can achieve a 30-40% size compression with sfx compared to other archive formats.
  • Creating well-known file types (zip, bh, cab, jar, tar, tar.gz)
  • Adding several folders and files simultaneously
  • List of files to be compressed (size, pieces, filenames) is checkable before compressing
  • Handling exceptions
  • Filtering files to be compressed according to date, size and attribute
  • Using environment variables
  • You can determine where you want your archives to be extracted. You can extract each file into different folders meaning you can get your extracted file to its original location.
  • You can create a shortcut* making extracted filed executable*.
  • You can save each compressing project for reuse (SFXWizard project file - SFW).
  • Customizable graphic appearance support in created archives.
Specific examples to prove the real efficiency of sfx-es
  • In this example a mixed folder containing different kinds of files like txt, exe, bmp, jpg, zip, rar, etc. is compressed. The below table shows you how sfx file format is 40% more efficient than traditional zip.
Compressed files (piece)16 64616 646
Original size (byte)820 513 874820 513 874
Compressed size (byte)189 297 411320 971 717
Time (ms)590 760226 404
Compression rate76,93%60,88%
SFX module size (byte)331 7670
Compressed file size (byte)189 629 178320 971 717
Efficiency compared to zip**40,92%0%
  • In the following example a compression of purely text files has occurred. You can see that this resulted in a 86% better compression than the traditional zip.
Compressed files (piece)4 0084 008
Original size (byte)132 212 094132 212 094
Compressed size (byte)3 399 47824 915 229
Time (ms)111 60376 016
Compression rate97,43%81,16%
SFX module size (byte)73 4010
Compressed file size (byte)3 472 87924 915 229
Efficiency compared to zip**86,06%0%

* achieved with exe, sfx and zipsfx formats
** efficiency shows rate of sfx size to zip size in percentage

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